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Our Best PHP Web Development Company India offers you the best php website development services. PHP stand for Hypertext Preprocessor and with this we can build a website by using a wide variety of functionalities and also by connecting with the backend. The static HTML designs can be made dynamic with the help of PHP. This is a widely used server scripting language and unlike java, dotnet and other high end technologies, it will not consume that much space and weight. Many more features included in php.

Actually it is a server side scripting language created for website development, but later on it also begun to use as a general-purpose programming language. The object-oriented programming functionality also been added in PHP 3 and improved that feature in the version 4.
First it been created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994. The canonical PHP interpreter was powered by Zend Engine and it is free software with license. It is developing by overriding the past defaults and coming with new versions. In order to improvise there is an research work going on with new major version, named PHP 7.

Some Benefits of using PHP:

☢  Easily Convert HTML files into PHP

☢  Most of the CMS are Using the PHP Coding

☢  We Can convert PHP coding into WordPress CMS as well

☢  PHP is a Widely Used Open Source Scripting Language

☢  Can use HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP Coding and Mysql backend scripting in it

☢  PHP scripts will be executed on the server only

☢  We can use functionalities like create, delete, open, read, write and close options on the server

☢  Compatible with all Browsers

☢  For HTML in order to have a contact form, it need to link up with php coding

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